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Homi Bhabha Chair


In order to give recognition and an opportunity to outstanding Scientists and Engineers including those retired/superannuated scientists/engineers who were involved in the development of sensitive and/or critical technologies to carry out research and development work in the fields of their choice and of interest to the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), there shall be a Scheme known as the “DAE— Homi Bhabha Chair for Distinguished Scientists /Professors”. The tenure of the incumbents of the DAE Homi Bhabha Chair for the Distinguished Scientists / Professors shall be for a period of one to five years at the discretion of the Selection Committee. more..


The awardee shall be entitled to an honorarium of Rs.80,000/- (Rupees Eighty Thousand only) p.m. and other allowances as admissible to Central Government employees including contribution to pension fund, Provident Fund, etc. where relevant. He / She shall be entitled to travelling allowance for domestic travel up to a maximum of Rs. l,00.000/- per annum.


In the case of retired Government servant who is awarded a Chair, the amount of monthly pension drawn by him (plus the amount of pension commuted by him) will be deducted from the amount payable per month.


The pensioner who is awarded a Chair, is required to intimate the pension Disbursing Authority about their taking up the ‘DAE-Homi Bhabha Chair lot- Distinguished Scientists/Professors to carry out research and development work in the nuclear field and also at the time of vacation of their position and about the monthly honorarium being received therefore.


An awardee of the DAE—Homi Bhabha Chair for Distinguished Scientists/Professors shall also be entitled to the services of
1) one Senior Research Fellow (SRF) at the rate as fixed by DAE for BRNS Senior Research Fellowship,
2) A Contingency Grant of Rs.76,000/-(Rupees Seventy Six Thousand only) per annum to cover the following, subject to actual expenditure.


i Secretarial
ii Telephone Bills Rs.18,000/-
iii Stationary Rs.10,000/-
  Total Rs. 76,000/-


3) A lump sum equipment allowance (inclusive of Book Allowance) not exceeding Rs.1,25,000/- (Rupees One lakh Twenty five Thousand only) would also be made available during the entire tenure of the awardee subject to actual utilization. The equipment allowance also includes a sum of Rs.l0,000/- towards Book Allowance.
4) A transport allowance of Rs.800/-p.m.
5) In case the awardee is already covered by the CHS Scheme of the DAE or a similar scheme of the State Government or the Government of India, he may opt to retain the facilities under the Scheme or be governed by the Scheme in operation at the Host Institution to which he is attached.
(6) (a) An awardee would be entitled to air fare (Executive Class) or rail fare ( Air Conditioned First Class) for himself/herself and his/heir spouse from his/her spouse from his current place of work/residence to the host institution to take up his/her research.
(b) The awardee would also be entitled to AC two-tier fare for himself/herself and his/her spouse to travel to a place in India on leave once in two years if his/her award is for a period exceeding two years. This facility would be subject to change in line with the changes made by the Govt. of India in respect of Leave Travel Concession rules.
(7) An awardee would be entitled to paid leave for a period of 30 days in each year.
(8) Persons eligible for nomination for the award would be Eminent Scientists/Engineers and Technologists either working within the country or currently living abroad, including foreign nations.
Explanation: Awardees who are living/working abroad would have to tie up with the host institution in India and pursue their research and development work in India. An Awardee who is a foreign national or who normally resides abroad would be paid to and fro air fare (Executive Class) for himself/herself and his/her spouse for coming to India to take up the work and return to his/her normal place of work/residence. This would also apply to awardees in India to travel to their place of work during the tenure of the Chair from their normal place of work/residence. To and fro air fare (Executive Class) between his/her place of work in India and his/her normal place of work/residence would be payable for the awardee and his / her spouse once during the entire tenure of the chair, provided it is for more than two years but not before the completion of two years. This could be exchanged for travel anywhere in India once every two years on the lines of leave travel concession available to Government servants (in the event of a change in the rules of leave travel concession, this facility would also undergo a corresponding change).
(9) All equipments purchased under the equipment allowances shall on completion of the tenure of the Chair be placed at the disposal of the host institution where the research and development work has been carried out and shall become the property of that institution.
(10) Each awardee shall submit an annual report on the progress of his/her scientific research and development work to the Secretary, Department of Atomic Energy.
(11) Funds for operating the ‘DAE Homi Bhabha Chair’ for the distinguished Scientists / Professors shall be made available by the Department of Atomic Energy and transferred to the host institution under a suitable arrangement by which the DAE will maintain the accounts of expenditure as certified by the host institution.
(12) Intellectual Property Rights
In the event of any patent being taken out or the acquisition of any intellectual, property (e.g., copy right of a book etc.) the intellectual property rights would vest, in the DAE and all matters related to it would be decided in accordance with the policy laid down by the DAE from time to time.
(13) In the event of any dispute arising out of the interpretation or the implementation of this Scheme, the decision of the Department of Atomic Energy shall be final. less