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View of Scanning EXAFS Beam Line

EXAFS Technique: A local structural probe for material characterization. Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure(EXAFS) probes the immediate neighborhood of the atomic species present in a material chosen by the energy of its absorption edge. The depth of the probing may be somewhat greater in ordered materials but useful results are obtained also from amorphous samples, even from liquids and molecular gases where diffraction methods can not be applied. The strong sensitivity to first neighbours makes EXAFS, and especially XANES(X-ray absorption near edge structure), the tool of choice for the coordination chemistry and chemistry of catalysts, nanostructures, biological material etc. The Dispersive EXAFS beamline (BL-08) at Indus-2 ( as shown in photograph) is developed for  X-ray absorption spectroscopic studies  in the transmission mode using energy dispersive optics.
All are welcome to put research projects utilising this facility.

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