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ED-XAFS Beamline at INDUS--2

X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) spectroscopy is a well established materials characterisation technique for studying the local structure around selected elements that are contained within a material. The technique can be applied to any type of material viz. amorphous, crystalline, polycrystalline, surfaces, thin films, liquid, and solution. Two beamlines have been setup for XAFS measurement at INDUS-2 Synchrotron Radiation Source, RRCAT, Indore, namely: i) Energy Dispersive EXAFS beamline and ii) Energy Scanning EXAFS beamline. Both of these beamlines are based on bending magnet source. The Dispersive EXAFS beamline [1], which had been set up at the BL-8 port of INDUS-2, and is operational for last few years, uses a bent crystal polychromator and a position sensitive CCD detector and works in the energy dispersive mode in the energy range of 5 -20keV. The second beamline [2] viz., energy scanning type EXAFS beamline uses a double crystal monochromator and a collimating pre-mirror and focussing post-mirror based optical system. This beamline, which has been setup at BL-9 port of INDUS-2, has been commissioned in 2013. The beamline operates in the energy range of 4 to 25 KeV.
All are welcome to put research projects utilising this facility.

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