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Concept Proposals

Researchers across India are invited to submit collaborative Research projects on the following topics:

Please note that more topics/titles would continue to be included in the list appended below.

1.    Basic & Applied Physics/ Material Science

2.    Accelerator based Physics & Material Science Research

3.   Proposals related to Radiation and Food Technology

4.    Life Sciences

5.     Application of Isotope Techniques in Water and Environment

6.   Projects based on Synchrotron Beam-lines  at RRCAT

7.   Proposals based on Lasers, Photonics and Optical Spectroscopy

8.   Engineering Sciences

Interested investigators (PI) can get in touch with the Principal Coordinator (PC) from DAE to formulate full project as per the guidelines given in the Project Proposal Application (PPA) form and submit online at https://brns.res.in. It is expected that PI would have interacted with PC associated with that Concept Proposal before putting up a proposal to BRNS.

1.    Basic & Applied Physics/ Material Science

1.1   Studies of high temperature thermoelectric properties of oxide semiconductors and their application for power generator. Dr. Ajay Singh,   (Status: Sanctioned)
       TPD, BARC, ajay[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in  

1.2   Development of High Efficiency Lead-Free Organic-Inorganic Pervoskite Solar Cells: Dr. A. K. Chauhan, TPD, BARC, akchau[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in.

1.3   Device potential of Graphene and Graphene-analogues: Theoretical and experimental investigations, Dr. Debjani Karmakar, TPD, BARC  (Status: Sanctioned)

1.4   Ammonia (NH3) sensor based on metal oxide thin films and nanostructures, Dr. Manmeet Kaur, TPD, BARC manmeet[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.5   Development of phosphor screens including Gd2O2S for the detection of X-rays, Dr. Manoranjan Ghosh, TPD, BARC, mghosh[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.6   Synthesis of single crystalline film and nano-composites of scintillation materials, Dr. Mohit Tyagi, TPD, BARC, tyagi[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in.

1.7   Studies on magnetic particles prepared by phase segregation method: Dr. T.V. Chandrasekhar Rao, TPD, BARC chandra1[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in .

1.8   Rare-earth free new permanent magnets: Growth and Investigation, Dr. Amit Kumar, SSPD, BARC  and Dr. S. M. Yusuf, SSPD, BARC, amitkr[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in, smyusuf[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.9   Investigation of structural, magnetic and transport properties of halfmetallic ferromagnets for spintronic applications; Dr. M. D. Mukadam,  and Dr. S. M. Yusuf, SSPD, BARC,  mayuresh[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in, smyusuf[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.10   Search for a new molecule-based magnetic materials for possible applications in molecular spintronics, Dr. Pramod Bhatt, SSPD, BARC, prabhatt[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.11   Investigation of the structural, magnetic, and transport properties of the low dimensional oxides, Dr.Anil Jain, SSPD, BARC,   

1.12   Production of Quarkonia and their nuclear modifications in high energy heavy ion collisions, Dr. Prashant
         Shukla, NPD, BARC, pshukla[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in   

1.13   Multilayer Science & Technology based researches - Colloidal quantum-dot light-Emitting Thin Film Multilayer Devices for large area  
          lighting and portable display application, Shri Arup Biswas, A&MPD, BARC, arupb[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.14   Experimental & Theoretical Investigations of Metal Oxide Cluster Ions in   Gas-Phase, Dr. Soumen Bhattacharyya, A&MPD, 
         BARC, sbhatt[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in  

1.15  Properties for hydrogen storage, ferroelectricity, magnetism of metal-organic     frameworks (MOF):     examination through Raman   spectroscopy and Neutron scattering studies, Dr. Mala N. Rao (mala[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in) and Rekha Rao (rekhar[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.16  Diffusion of hydrocarbon in nano-porous materials, Dr. S. Mitra (     smitra[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.17  Effect of nanoparticles on food science and industry, Dr. Sohrab Abbas     (abbas[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.18  Intrinsically disordered proteins: Structure and Interactions, Dr. Sugam Kumar     (sugam[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.19  Hierarchical nano-structured porous micro-granules: Synthesis, structural     characterization by scattering and imaging     and search for possible applications, Dr. D. Sen (debasis[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.20  Investigation of interface magnetic properties of ferromagnet/ferroelectric     hetrostructure,Dr. Surendra Singh Z(surendra[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.21  Neutron Scattering Study of Complexes of Magnetic Nanoparticles with Biomolecules; Dr.     V. K. Aswal (vkaswal[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.22  Structural studies of organic complexes to elucidate hydrogen bonding interaction using     neutron diffraction, Dr. R. Chitra and R. R. Choudhury (rchitra[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in, rajul[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.23  Structure and dynamics of functional materials using a combination of neutron scattering experiments and ab-initio density functional theory calculations: Ranjan Mittal, rmittal[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.24  Interaction of intense laser pulse with low density foams for efficient x-ray source and laser driven shock studies: Dr. Shivanand Chaurasia (shibu[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.25  Development of devices based on the scintillating materials; Synthesis of nano-Composites, single crystalline films, large size single crystals and theoretical simulations. Dr. Mohit Tyagi (tyagi[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.26  Study of novel materials synthesized through ion beam irradiation,Dr. (Ms.) Debarati Bhattacharya,SSPD, BARC (debarati[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)  

1.27  Fundamental physics in strong gravitational fields of neutron stars, Dr. Debades Bandyopadhyay, (debades[dot]bandyopadhyay[at]saha[dot]ac[dot]in)

1.28  Development of high aspect ratio x-ray optical elements for X-ray shear-Interferometry and X-ray phase contrast imaging applications, Dr. Yogesh S. Kashyap (yskashyap[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)

1.29    Raman spectroscopic investigation of single crystals of salt-inclusion chalcogenides, Dr. Rekha Rao, rekhar[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.30    Application of Atomic Processes for highly-charged ions for laser produced plasmas and astrophysical plasma diagnostics, Dr. M.N.Deo, mndeo[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in and Dr. Shivanand Chaurasia, shibu[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.31    Studies on the development of devices using MXenes/mono-elemental 2D materials for energy harvesting and storage applications, Dr. N. Padma, padman[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

1.32    Understanding the dichotomy of FSRQs and BL Lacs, Dr. Subir Bahttacharya, Dr. N. Padma, subirb[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

2.    Accelerator based Physics & Material Science Research

2.1    Projects based on 3.0 MV Pelletron at INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS (IOP), BHUBANESWAR: Prof. P. V. Satyam, In-charge, Ion Beam Laboratory, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar, satyam[at]iopb[dot]res[dot]in

2.1.1    Mineralogical alteration and groundwater pollution.
2.1.2    Entrapment of toxic elements within rocks/ minerals/ geopolymers.
2.1.3    Natural analogue studies for immobilization of toxic waste materials.
2.1.4    Trace element chemistry for uranium, thorium and atomic elements exploration.
2.1.5    Compositional Analysis of Electronic and Solar Energy Materials.
2.1.6    Compositional and age determination of tsunami deposits, seismites and pseudotachylites.
2.1.7    Geochemical analyses of planetary materials using 14C analyses to understand evolution of Earth and Planetary materials.
2.1.8    Study on Archeological artifacts and determination of the 2-d map of age and elemental map.
2.1.9    Localized compositional modifications within natural crystals due to radiation damage.

2.2    Nuclear Reactions and Data
2.2.1   Investigation of multi-nucleon transfer reactions and „n-p‟ correlation studies: effects of nuclear deformation/orientation. B. J. Roy, SO/G, NPD, BARC. bjroy[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

2.2.2   Fusion Reaction Studies with Weakly Bound Nuclei,Dr. V.V.Parkar, Nuclear Physics Division,BARC.vparkar[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

3.   Proposals related to Radiation and Food Technology

3.1    Development of Iodinated Textile for radiation shielding  and Organic-inorganic nano hybrids for diagnostic X-ray shielding: Dr. Subhendu 
         Ray Chowdhury, EBPS/ RTDD, BRIT/BARC, rcsubhen[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
3.2    Shelf life extension of ready to eat/raw meat/seafood  product using EB irradiation –scale up studies from lab to semi-industrial level: K   P
         Rawat, EBPS/ RTDD, BRIT/BARC, kprawat[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

3.3   Water conservation by EB treatment of wastewater treatment and reuse: K P Rawat, EBPS/ RTDD, BRIT/BARC (kprawat[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in)
3.4    Development of thin film dosimeters for high dose dosimetry applications for electron beam accelerators. Dr. P G Benny, EBPS/ RTDD,  
        BRIT/BARC. bennypg[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
3.5   Development of thin film dosimeters for high dose dosimetry applications for electron beam accelerators. : Dr. P G Benny, EBPS/ RTDD, BRIT/BARC. bennypg[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
3.6   Modification of guar gum by chemical/gamma radiation for development of biodegradable films with improved mechanical and barrier properties: Dr. Sumit Gupta, sumitg[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

4.    Life Sciences

4.1      Directed Basic Research in Biology with potential application  Dr. Hari S Misra, MBD, BARC, hsmisra[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in , (Status: Recommended)

4.1.1    Identification of natural antioxidants and immuno-modulators from extremely radio-resistant and oxidative stress tolerant bacterium   
           Deinococcus radiodurans.
4.1.2    Deinococcus radiodurans and its biotechnological potential beyond bioremediation.
4.2       Proteomic analysis of radiation responsive genes regulated by LexA in Anabaena PCC7120, Dr. Hema Rajaram, MBD, BARC,  (Status: Recommended)
4.3       Biogenic bimetallic core shell [Pd/Fe] nanoparticles production and       applications for in situ bioremediation, Dr. V. P. Venugopalan, BARC Facilities at Kalpakkam,       vpv[at]igcar[dot]gov[dot]in
4.4       Studies On Non-Targeted Radiation Effects In nbsp; Experimental Models And Under Clinical Conditions For Improvement Of Cancer Radiotherapy, Dr.  B.N.Pandey, bnp[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

4.5       4.4 Development of gene/CRISPR-delivery system against TB,   Dr. Devashish Rath,devrath[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

5.     Application of Isotope Techniques in Water and Environment (Status: Sanctioned)

5.1 Study of groundwater contamination using hydrochemistry and isotopic techniques: exploring the hot spring link through integrated approach
      – environmental isotopes, geological, geophysical and geochemical studies.  Dr. Tirumalesh Keesari, IAPD, BARC, tirumal[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

6.   Projects based on Synchrotron Beam-lines  at RRCAT

6.1   Time resolved Synchrotron EXAFS (Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure) researches for nano-science and technology, 
        Dr BHATTACHARYYA,  dibyendu[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
6.2   Synchrotron based Photoelectron spectroscopic studies of technologically important materials like oriented refractive oxide composite thin
        films, multiferroics, piezoelectric, solar cell, shape memory alloy etc. Dr. S.N.Jha, AMPD, RRCAT, snjha[at]rrcat[dot]gov[dot]in
6.3   VUV spectroscopy researches (using Photophysics and HRVUV beamline facilities at Indus-1), Dr. Param Jeet Singh, A&MPD, BARC, 

7.   Proposals based on Lasers, Photonics and Optical Spectroscopy

7.1    Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for material science researches, especially for non-destructive ultra high resolution optical
         characterizations, Dr. K. Divakar Rao, AMPD, Viazag, BARC  divakar[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

7.2.    Investigation of Metal ion-Peptide Interaction using Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption and Ionization (MALDI) Time-of-Flight Mass 
         Spectrometry (TOFMS), Dr. T. Jayasekharan, A&MPD, BARC,  jsekhar[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

7.3    Laser holography based researches for spectral filtering, wave-front assessment and beam-shaping applications, Dr. Dinesh V Udupa,          A&MPD, BARC, dudupa[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

7.4    Optical interferometry and holography based researches for optical characterization, image processing and image encryption applications,
         Dr. Dinesh V Udupa, A&MPD, BARC, dudupa[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

8.   Engineering Sciences

8.1      Control, Instrumentation & System Design
8.1.1   Design and Development of 40kW or above Induction heating system with gas cooled heating coil or solid coil for melting application: T.V.
           Prabhu, IGCAR, prabs[at]igcar[dot]gov[dot]in
8.1.2  Design & Development of Small Payload Underwater Robotic Vehicle & Manipulator for    Surveillance of Reactor Pool, Dr. Debanik Roy deroy[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
8.1.3  Design & development of Ultrasonic based Bone Densitometer system Shri S K Lalwani    skl[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in & Shri R K Jain rkjain[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
8.1.4  Analysis of ECG parameters & Report generation on Android Platform for Tele &    Stress ECG,Shri Vineet Sinha vinsin[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in & Shri R K Jain rkjain[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

8.1.5  Development of Artificial Neural Networks for Objective Assessment of Autonomic Nervous System, , Shri Vineet Sinha vinsin[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in & Shri R K Jain rkjain[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

8.2      Metallurgical Sciences

8.2.1   Modeling and Computational simulations of the Injection Casting process for producing qualified metallic (U-Pu-Zr) alloy fuel slugs: T.V. 
          Prabhu, IGCAR, prabs[at]igcar[dot]gov[dot]in
8.2.2  Development of Ni-based Nanocomposite Coatings for Replacement of Electroplated Hard Chromium: Dr. S.K. Ghosh sghosh[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

8.2.3  Work Hardening Behaviour and Crystallographic Texture Evolution During Warm/Hot Working of Zirconium Alloys, Dr. K V Mani Krishna, kvmani[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

8.2.4  Development of lumped parameter models to predict corium-sodium interaction, molten fuel fragmentation, vapour explosion risk and debris bed formation, Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, IGCAR, aksharma[at]igcar[dot]gov[dot]in.

8.3   Reactor & Repository Design:Projects based on radioactive waste disposal related research & development : Dr RK Bajpai

8.3.1   Thermal-Mechanical-Hydraulic-Chemical processes in rock-groundwater-glass-clay-steel system under hydrothermal 

           conditions:Experimental measurements and modeling

8.3.2    Temperature dependant variations in rock mechanical properties of granites/clays/basalts/argillites/glasses

8.3.3    Diffusion and sorption experiments and geochemical modeling on rocks and clays on cm to meter scale

8.3.4    Mineralogical-geochemical-radiological-geotechnical characterization of clay/crystalline rocks

8.3.5    R&D on new waste forms like ceramics, synrock etc.

8.3.6    In situ experiments on meter scale contaminant transport in granites and other rocks

8.3.7    Micro-fracturing in granites and compacted clays under gas pressures and temperatures

8.3.8    Groundwater flow modeling thorough fractures in crystalline rocks

8.3.9    Innovations in micro-seismic and acoustic methods in detection of rock fractures

8.3.10   Natural analogues of waste glasses, clay-dyke contact, actinide migrations etc

8.3.11   Mineralogical transformation of Na-Clays to Ca, K and Fe clays

8.3.12   Development of computer codes, instrumentation and probes.

8.3.13   Innovations in radionuclide transport modeling and safety assessment methodology.

8.3.14   Experimental degradation of glasses, clays and cements under controlled geochemical conditions.

8.3.15   Petro mineralogy of crystalline and argillaceous rocks

9.   Chemical Sciences

9.1   Nuclear Chemistry

9.1.1  Efficient Use of Hybrid materials precursor to natural Clay in the speciation /removal of lanthanides/actinides and long lived fission fragments, Dr. Aishwarya Soumitra Kar, aishj[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in

9.1.2  Development of Surface Functionalised Materials for Anticancer Drug Delivery, Dr. P. A. Hassan, hassan[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in