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Prospective Project Coordinators

PC ID Specialization Name Unit email ID
PC_Laser_1 Photocatalytic Degradation of used laser dye solution Dr. Jaya Mukherjee BARC jayalptd[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
PC_Laser_2 Laser based instrumentation and microcontroller
based system design
Shri Aseem Singh Rawat BARC aseem[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
PC_Laser_3 Design & Development of tunable lasers for Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy of Actinides and trace detection, Optical software based design of Opto-mechanical systems Shri Someshwara Rao C BARC somu[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in. somesh[dot]hi[at]gmail[dot]com
PC_Laser_4 Discharge and laser produced plasmas, relativistic electron beams, high power microwaves, soft and hard x-rays, particle accelerators, particle-in-cell simulations. Dr. Amitava Roy BARC aroy@ barc.gov.in
PC_Laser_5 Laser spectroscopy, Atomic Spectroscopy, Resonance ionization mass spectroscopy, RIS for trace detection of lanthanides and actinides, Spectroscopy of rare and radioactive isotopes with overlapping spectra Dr. Asawari D Rath BARC asawarim[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
PC_Laser_6 Development of Photonic Nanomaterials and Components, Organic Electronics, Laser Ablation and Processing, NLO devices Dr. Mukesh P Joshi RRCAT mukesh[at]rrcat[dot]gov[dot]in
PC_Power Elect_1 Design and development of Electromagnetic Equipment & trigger generator for pulsed magnetic forming & welding applications.  Shri P. Saroj  BARC  psaroj[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
PC_Power Elect_2 High Voltage, Solid State Power Supplies HV parameters Signal conditioning and acquisition in electron accelerator Shri REHIM N. RAJAN
BARC rehim[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
PC_Power Elect_3 Electromagnetic forming and welding, dissimilar metals, High strain rate forming, High magnetic field generation and its application, Superconducting magnets, Energy storage capacitor bank, High Coulomb switches Shri.M.R.Kulkarni BARC srkj[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
PC_Power Elect_4 Design, simulation and testing of RF linear accelerator structure, beam dynamics and beam line design of linear accelerator, beam diagnostics and charged particle beam instrumentation, RF source and subsystems design and development for accelerator based systems. Dr. Jayanta Mondal BARC jmondal[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
PC_Nuclear_ Elect_1 Nuclear instrumentation and radiation monitoring systems for Nuclear Power Plant and Facilities. Sadhana Bhattacharya BARC sadhana[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in
PC_Nuclear_ Elect_2 Nuclear spectroscopic instrumentation and electronics incorporating low power, low noise analog, mixed-signal and FPGA technologies Shri C.P.Kulkarni BARC cpkulk[at]barc[dot]gov[dot]in