Abbreviations/ Nomenclature used on this site are:

GB         : General Beneficiary (the Applicant)

A GB for research Project (RP & YSRA) is the Principal Investigator ( PI )

A GB for Symposium (SYMP) is the Convener

PI         : Principal Investigator

CI         : Co Investigator

PC         : Principal Coordinator (from DAE )

PO         : Programme Officer, BRNS

MS         : Member Secretary

SC         : Secretary, Thematic Sub-Committee

SS         : Scientific Secretary

BC         : Chairman, BRNS Board

PAO       : Pay & Accounts Officer

AAO       : Assistant Accounts Officer

AA         : Assistant Accounts

OS         : Office Staff

AD         : Admin

NPP       : Indian Nuclear Power Program Committee

URM      : Uranium and Rare metals-Exploration, Mining, Milling Committee

FRR       : Fast Reactor and Recycling Committee

HLC       : Health Care Committee

FOS       : Food Security Committee

WWM    : Water and Waste Management Committee

MSS      : Mega Science Schemes Committee

BRE      : Basic Research and Science Education Committee

DIR       : Directed Research Committee

RP         : Research Project

YSRA    : Young Scientist research Award

CP         : Concept Proposal