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Symposiums and Conferences


BRNS considers presentation and discussion of the results of R & D in open meetings as an important activity for the promotion of science and technology. Seminars, symposiums and workshops are sponsored to promote interaction among active workers. Major national symposia have already been established in areas like nuclear and solid state physics, high energy physics, radiation and photochemistry, radiation and environmental sciences. DAE members seeking financial assistance for such events, which are held either every year or periodically and are fully funded by BRNS, should use form SAF (Symposium Application–FULL). Whenever such events are hosted at non-DAE location, its convener has to be an officer from DAE and the co-convener can be from the host institution.


In addition to fully funded DAE events, BRNS also provides partial funding to events organized by other agencies and institutions, depending upon the importance of the topic, extent of participation and its impact to DAE or the country’s academia. Organizations (DAE as well as Non-DAE) seeking partial financial support to organize symposia and conferences can submit their request through form SAP (Symposium Application -PARTIAL).


Applications for funding symposia should be submitted online at least THREE MONTHS before the event.