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Read the downloadable USER MANUAL carefully. For general guidance, please refer to FAQ.


1.Must register through Official e-mail only.

2.If registered earlier with web-based email IDs, e.g. Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff etc., please intimate official ID to the BRNS helpdesk, requesting for change in the login name.

3.Please intimate website helpdesk in case official ID is not provided / dysfunctional temporarily / network connectivity is poor for email access, through an official communication, certified by the competent authority of the institute. As a special case, after scrutiny, BRNS may allow using web-based email ID.


Web Based Processing

1.Use this web portal for all communications to BRNS Secretariat.

2.After registration, select appropriate scheme, sub-scheme and relevant Advisory Committee to APPLY.

3.ONLINE applications are accepted all throughout the year under two categories viz. Research Projects and Symposia/Conferences/Seminar/Workshop.

4.The name of the Principal Investigator/Convener must be the same as that of the registered user.

5.The application process needs to be completed within 15 days. Therefore, it is advisable to keep duly filled application form ready, before selecting APPLY.

6.Please fill the application form as per the instructions given in the downloadable forms, which are updated periodically.

7.Upload all the required documents and complete the process by FINAL SUBMIT.

8.All the official documents addressed to the PI are downloadable. The hard copy will be sent only on special request.

9.In case of any difficulty, please send mail from your own account through the website.

10.On final submission followed by acceptance by BRNS, an application number would be generated if the submission is found in order and processing of the application will be initiated by BRNS thereafter.

11.In case of incomplete submission, website will show ‘under submission’ status and deficiency in the application will be communicated to the GB (applicant) via No-Reply e-mail.

12.The BRNS application number would be reflected in the applicant’s account, and be seen after logging at this site, namely, http://www.brns.res.in.

13.Any communication sent from the website, can also be checked by the applicant after logging into his/her account.

14.Duly signed hard copies of the application (2 Nos. for Research Project & Only one for Symposium) with all supporting documents needs to be posted to: BRNS Secretariat, 316-C, 3rd Floor, Common Facility Building, BARC, Trombay, Mumbai-400085 by SPEED POST. Please don’t send the document through private courier. Please quote the application number on the documents posted to BRNS Secretariat.



1.Once the application is admitted, typical time required for a decision regarding funding is 3-4 months for Symposia /Conferences/Seminar/Workshop and about 6-8 months for Research Projects.

2.Applicants can check the processing status of their applications after logging into their accounts.



1.To credit the BRNS funds to the correct account, please upload scanned copy of a Cancelled Cheque with clearly readable account name, account number, Branch name, Branch address & IFSC.



1.The posts of staff under BRNS project (JRF, SRF, RA etc.) are advertised at Vacancy under Research Project.

2.The Principal Investigator (PI) is therefore requested to send the details of the vacancy, along with the sanction number to the respective Programme Officer for advertising the posts under his/her project. The advertisement can be displayed on BRNS website.



Q1. I am unable to register.

Could be one of the following reasons (a) Entering non-official e-mail ID and (b) Trying to register from overseas location.

Q2. I do not have any official e-mail?

A letter of certification to be forwarded to the helpdesk from the head of the institution stating that institute does not have its own domain name and certified that the given ID will be used by the applicant for all official purpose presently and also for the future submission to BRNS.

Q3. Unable to login. My Account is blocked.

The account gets blocked after three continuous incorrect attempts made in a day. As the system is quite reliable, therefore please enter the password carefully. If there is any doubt about the password, use forgot password option. Else try to login on the next day. Helpdesk can however be requested to Unblock the user.

Q4. Forgot Password.

Click on forgot password option. One  Time Password (OTP) link would be sent to the registered e-mail ID, prompting to enter new Password.

Q5. I am getting a message “Password link is expired /used”.

The password link has a validity of 15 days and therefore new request for the generation of password needs to be sent.

Q6. What are documents necessary for applying?

These are mentioned against each scheme. The check list can also be seen from the snapshot of the USER manual.

Q7. Eligibility Criteria for getting BRNS funding?

The criterion is different for each of the schemes. Scientists/Engineers working in universities, academic/ research institutions of higher learning and having a regular position are ONLY eligible to apply for Research Projects. Researchers associated with government recognized  incubation centres, R & D Labs & organizations of Private Industry having DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) approval  can also be considered for funding. Those working in DAE units, NGO and scientific societies are not eligible to apply.

Q8. I had received BRNS funding in the past, can I apply for fresh grant?

Only one application can be submitted at a time. Next submission would be permitted only after due closure of earlier submission. 

Q9. I am having a research Project from BRNS funding, can I apply for funding Symposium?


Q10. Is it necessary to have PI and CI from the same institute?

Highly desirable. The CI is expected to take the responsibility of taking forward the project on technical as well as financial matters, in the absence of the PI.

Q11. Is it mandatory to have PC from the DAE?

Yes, it is mandatory to have a PC from one of the DAE institutes.  Normally the applicant may find out the names of a number of PCs against the topics listed in the areas of interest to the DAE. But in some cases, it may be the onus of the applicant to find out the PC relevant to his project proposal.

Q12. Am I eligible to apply for YSRA?

Under the Young Scientists Research Award (YSRA) Scheme, the applicant should be below the age of 35 years, as on  December 31st of the year of submitting the application. All other criteria are the same as that of for regular / relevant research project.

Q13. My application is expired?

New Submission would not be normally permitted. It is advisable to keep duly filled application form ready, before starting the process APPLY, as it should be submitted within 15 days.

Q14. How to UPLOAD the documents?

PDF documents of maximum 10 MB can be uploaded under the heading ‘APPLICATION DOCUMENT’, available in the menu on the left hand side. USER manual can also be referred highlighting snapshots.

Q15. The file is not getting uploaded. Getting error message.

Check the file size and name. As double dots / extension are not allowed, try changing the file name.

Q16. I have already uploaded the doc and made final submission, however now I am not able to re-upload/ upload the additional doc.

Editing of application document is not permitted after Final submission, unless permitted by the BRNS Officials.

Q17. My submission has not been numbered?

Reference number for each of the new submission is normally generated within two weeks’ time. If all the required documents, including a PC Certificate, are not uploaded into their account, or the application is not complete in any respect, its numbering is kept in abeyance. Also, number will not be generated if the name of the Principal Investigator/Convener is different from the registered user.

Q18. Will I be informed about the deficiency in the application?

Yes, it is communicated via No-Reply e-mail. The status of the application is reverted back to UNDER SUBMISSION, if it is found incomplete. Any communication sent from the Website, can also be checked by the applicant after logging into his/her account. The applicants are however advised to ensure compliance of all the criteria and procedure themselves, because response from BRNS can be much delayed for incomplete submissions.

Q19. How to know the Processing status of my Submission.

The STATUS is updated in real time scale and it can be seen after logging into your own account.

Q20. What is meant by GB, PI and PC?

GB: General Beneficiary, PI: Principal Investigator, PC: Principal Coordinator. Please refer to https://brns.res.in/abbreviations.php, for all the abbreviations specific to the BRNS. Applicants seeking BRNS funding, referred as the General Beneficiary (GB), are the prospective PI for Research Project and the Convener for Symposium (SYMP).

Q21. What is the minimum duration for initial processing of the Symposium / Research Proposal?

Processing of Symposium application normally gets completed within 3 months from the date of submission of duly filled complete application form. The processing of Research projects can vary from 6 months to 8 months, depending upon the availability of reviewer’s reports and proposed budget.

Q22. When is the next Technical Program Discussion meeting (TPDM) meeting scheduled?

There are several levels of BRNS committees and they meet periodically throughout the year. Invitation for oral presentation by video conferencing mode  in TPDM, is sent through e-mail to the individual, well in advance.

Q23. I was initially called for the presentation but have not heard anything about it so far.

Normally, the decision taken in the TPDM is updated online by changing the status of the project at the earliest. So, please keep a track of the application STATUS and e-mail log. In case of suggested revision, the application Status would be changed to “UNDER SUBMISSION “, so as to allow upload of revised version.

Q24. Where to check uploaded sanction letter?


Q25. I had sent Hard copies of the document through a reputed courier, yet BRNS office says that original documents have not been received.

Only the government owned SPEED POST/ Ordinary post/ Registered Post service can deliver the documents in our office and therefore send the documents only through SPEED POST by India Post.

Q26. How to return UNSPENT balance?

Please send a Bank Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favours of “Pay & Accounts Officer, DAE”, payable at Mumbai. Please mail this DD along with the project sanction number and other detail to the concerned Programme Officer at following address by SPEED POST.


Programme Officer, 316, 3rd floor, BRNS Secretariat, Common Facility Building (CFB), BARC, Trombay, Mumbai 400085.


Q27. I have a login user ID and password for evaluating BRNS projects. Do I need to get another user ID, if I want to apply for Symposia or a research project?

Not necessary, as long as it is an official ID. However, you will have to register yourself as an applicant, after clicking on Home.