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Important announcement

Important announcement for all BRNS Project Investigators (PIs):


* Regarding release of grants of FY 2024-25 for BRNS research projects:


All Project Investigators (PI) who have been sanctioned BRNS research projects in FY 2022-23 and FY 2023-24, are requested to upload financial documents (SA/UC/Claim form) and annual progress report as on March 31, 2024. For the projects which were sanctioned in FY 2022-23 or prior, the submission should also include “Project Renewal Application (PRA)” duly signed by PI & PC authorities. The original documents shall be sent to BRNS secretariat by India speed post latest by May 31, 2024. This is to enable BRNS secretariat for timely progress review of the project and also timely issue/release of renewal/terminal project sanction letters & grants for FY 2024-25.


* Public Finance Management System (PFMS) Compliance by Institutes/ Universities seeking research projects / symposium grants:


Institutes / Universities seeking BRNS grants during FY 2024-25 should submit the PFMS form duly signed by bank and institute authorities, along with the project / symposium documents. Additionally, the institutions should map to Scheme “3758 Grants to other institutions” under grants from Central Government. The copy of PFMS form / screen shot of mapped scheme 3758, shall be uploaded /emailed to Programme Officer, BRNS. For Queries, if any please contact Ph. 022-22862711 or can write to aaocheque[at]dae[dot]gov[dot]in